What People Do: Veterinarian

Dr. Chris, the pet physician, invites Adventure Clubs to a behind-the-scenes tour of Peninsula Veterinary Hospital. This hound, hamster and horse hospital offers services and treatments that will fascinate young and old, from animal acupuncture to water therapy and weight watching!

Have your little adventurers bring their ‘sick or injured’ stuffed animals to Dr Chris for some first-class treatment. He will mingle make-believe and medicine as he assesses their ailments and administers plasters, splints, injections and more.

He’ll even do a mock surgery in the operating room on one of the ‘ailing’ stuffed animals. Just wait till your kids see this! After checkups and surgical rounds, kids will be able to put on scrubs and medical masks if they want a chance to ‘be the vet’.

Then we’ll take a tour of the rooms and equipment that these animal-loving practitioners depend on to keep our furry friends fit. Whether or not you have a pet — this is such a fun and educational adventure for parents and kids!

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