What People Do: Surfer

When I grow up I want to be a surfer! Kids can change who and what they want to be from week to week — their world is full of possibilities and their imagination is unlimited.

Join Adventure Clubs on a unique and inspiring What People Do Adventure to foster kids’ in-built curiosity by exploring a new profession. Get behind-the-scenes and hands-on with a surfer who loves kids and is just waiting to welcome you into his world.

Pro surfer Alan invites Adventure Clubs guardians and their little waders to get inspired by his stellar surfing skills, his love for the sport, and the what it means to have a “job” as a surfer.

This pro surfer will take us through it all: from his prep on the beach (some excellent sun safety tips here!) to ocean awareness, choosing the right wave, surf etiquette and more! Then it’s time for us to try our posture on the board (on land), and see an incredible demonstration by the man himself. Surf’s up!

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