What People Do: Pro Boxer

Get ready for your kids to be transformed into superheroes as they enjoy learning boxing and martial arts with you. If your kids have them, let them wear their capes and masks for their superhero training.They will be in a real martial arts gym, surrounded by active boxers and real martial artists, fun equipment and lots of muscles.

On this adventure, moms, dads and kids will rotate through different stations in the studio, learning something different at each one: martial arts kicks, defensive moves, climbing up a rope to the ceiling, punching bags in the boxing ring, and more. They won’t realize it, but they’ll be learning boxing conditioning, shadow boxing, and active punching! How fun is that?! Come get fit with your kids while they (and you) learn to stay strong and defend yourself. As with all adventures, this is a class for parents to enjoy WITH their kids, and it’s for both boys AND girls. So be ready to move!

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