What People Do: Opera Singer

When I grow up I want to be an opera singer! Join Adventure Clubs inside the Cape Town Opera House on a unique and inspiring What People Do Adventure to foster kids’ in-built curiosity by exploring a new profession. Get behind-the-scenes and hands-on with an opera master who loves kids and is just waiting to welcome you into her world.

On this adventure we’ll join the famous opera star: a super singer who really knows her stuff. She’ll explain some of the mysteries of this fascinating world in which people speak to each other through song. She will show us what a voice lesson looks like, as well as giving us an incredible demonstration of her skills, teaching the kids some musical literacy and basic vocal techniques.

She will also enlighten us what a day in the opera is like: props, music, blocking, rehearsals and costumes. Little adventurers will be enthralled by the costume designs, as we go through a fitting with our opera singer. After this awesome experience, when curiosity leads to fresh future dreams, be sure to book another What People Do Adventure.

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