What People Do: Nature Conservationist

On this adventure, we’ll be enjoying the morning with our local marine focused non profit. We’ll be following in the footsteps of a true Ocean Warrior, who will lead us and our little adventurers along the rocky shoreline to discover the different types of marine life that make this zone their own.

For example, we might find some penguins, and did you know there are many different species of penguins: Adelie, African, Chinstrap, Emperor, Erect-crested, Fiordland, Galapagos, Gentoo, Humboldt, King, Little Blue … wow – that’s a lot – who knew? Our guide will take us on an animal hunt as we discover together all about the special creatures on our beaches. The more our children know about the ocean and its inhabitants, the more inclined they will be to defend and conserve them throughout their lives!

After our explorations, kids will create their own adorable Penguin door stop, before spending some time simply appreciating one of our most beautiful beaches. This is a hands-on learning experience, so bring your nets and water shoes along (if you have them), and come explore with us!

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