We are so glad you are here! We have an exciting line up of virtual adventures for kids, brought to you on Zoom. Each adventure is led by a professional in their career and kids are interacting with them live in their exciting work environments. We have four adventure series: When I Grow Up, Famous Places & Spaces, World of Animals, and Visual & Performing Arts. Here are the series’ descriptions and three examples of example adventures in each series. We can’t wait to adventure with you!


This is our signature adventure series, and it features a range of fascinating careers that kids might like to be when they grow up. In this series, kids get to meet all kinds of people and various professions, and they can join along with them in their work. They might meet a chef making desserts in France, a pilot exploring various planes in Seattle, a news anchor prepping for her day in New York, Robin Hood walking through Sherwood Forest in England, an opera singer backstage before rehearsal, and many more. Dreams are for exploring, and this is where many start! 


Our Famous Places and Spaces series takes kids to some of the world’s most special places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Space Needle, the Empire State Building, the Library of Congress, Machu Picchu, and more. These are LIVE world landmark virtual tours for kids, led by a guide who knows the landmark and loves to hear all the wonderful questions kids can throw their way. Experiencing places first hand from home is so much fun, and these exciting adventures won’t soon be forgotten! 


Animals, animals, we love animals! This series of adventures focuses on one amazing animal in each adventure, guided by a host who works closely with that animal. For example, kids might come along with a zookeeper as they feed the tigers, or join a specialist while they are feeding a baby ostrich, or be part of a therapy session for an elephant. Going behind the scenes with zookeepers and conservation experts is a huge win for a little animal lover. 


All the world’s a stage! In this adventure series, kids are invited to join performing artists such as opera singers, orchestral musicians, actors, magicians, ballerinas, comedians, fine artists, and more. Professionals take children into their world of arts to see their process, practice, and experience. Kids might never be allowed into those spaces otherwise, so this may be their one chance to do so–until one day they become pro artists too!