These adventures are my daughters’ favorite time of the week. They have met so many friends around the world. Their favorite clubs are about conservation of our world. I must say, I’ve learned alot myself. I highly recommend joining Adventure Clubs!”

Rachel H., Dallas, TX

What’s on the Adventure Clubs App? 

The Adventure Clubs app is filled with exciting Adventures for children ages 4 – 10 years old. The Adventure Leaders hail from all over the globe, and you’ll see exactly who is leading each adventure on the app. You’ll see all the details about the adventure there. Once you RSVP to an adventure, you’ll also see a chat open up within the adventure, which is where you can chat to the leader and / or to your co-adventurers. 

Who can join the Adventures?

Kids can enjoy each adventure on their own or together with their care-giver (mom, dad, grandma, nanny, etc.) If their siblings are around and want to join in, they are always welcome. Why? Because we believe in whole-family learning! Everyone should just keep in mind that the content of the adventure will be focused on the target age group, which will be clearly noted. 

What does each Adventure cost?

All adventures are $10 per family, per adventure, regardless of who joins on your side of the screen. This makes it easy for families to learn and grow together, and we love getting to know your whole family whenever possible. 

I’ve been joining Adventure Clubs with my grand-daughter each week and we are LOVING them. It gives us a specific way to bond over making exotic foods while learning about other cultures. What could be better than that?”

Peggy S., Orlando, FL

Can I invite friends to an Adventure?

Yes! Within the app, you can share any adventure with an easy “share” button, which will link the adventure to email or your social media account. You can also share from within the app directly to your friends via text message, What’s App, or Facebook Messenger. 

What if we can’t make it to an Adventure we’ve purchased? 

You are always welcome to edit your RSVP and click on “Can’t Make It.” If it is at least 24 hours before the adventure, you’ll immediately receive a full refund. If it is less than 24 hours before the adventure, you’ll receive a partial refund. 

Where do I get the mobile app?

The free Adventure Clubs mobile app is available for your mobile device on Google Play or the App Store. There are no advertisements or external in-app purchases (yay!)

I feel like my son’s world has expanded greatly since joining Adventure Clubs. He especially loves the STEM experiences. Where else can he have a pilot as his teacher, or a vertical farmer, or an astronaut? We are so thankful for the power of Zoom these days!”

Gary T., Portland, OR