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Questions are welcomed and encouraged! Below are some FAQs you might find helpful.

Yes! The Adventure Clubs free mobile app offers an opportunity for families with young children to easily create beautiful childhood memories.
  • Browse local adventures your family will enjoy
  • Choose and RSVP to adventures you like
  • Create your own adventures to experience with others
  • Invite your family and friends to adventure with you
  • Message co-adventurers before and after your adventure
Adventures are exciting planned experiences, created by other parents just like you, and brought to you via the Adventure Clubs mobile app.
On any given adventure, there are usually 3 – 12 families including moms or dads, and their children (ages 6 months – 6 years).

Also, grandparents or aunts and uncles and other guardians adventure too.

You can! If you’d like to be an Adventure Leader, all you need is a great idea and you can create one on your Adventure Clubs app.
It’s up to you. You can set the adventure to “public” if you want to open it up to meet new friends or set it to “private” and invite only your friends to join your adventure. Private adventures are also able to be shared with friends of friends.
Short answer: You discovered Adventure Clubs first.

Longer answer: Our kids need education, socialization and stimulation, and so do we. That’s why Adventure Clubs exists. This is your opportunity to handcraft the life that your child dreams of… one that’s full of adventure, experienced with the person they love most—you!

*Please note, Premium Adventures are only offered in select cities.

There are two different kinds of adventures with Adventure Clubs:
• Adventures
• Premium Adventures

An Adventure is something simple and easy to plan such as bike riding at a local park, hiking through the forest, getting hot chocolates and playing puzzles at a coffee shop, or making sandcastles on the beach. Forget about “playdates”––adventuring is way more fun!

A Premium Adventure is an extra special adventure that is set up by the Adventure Clubs team with a local Adventure Host, (a local business or non-profit organization). A Premium Adventure might be a special behind-the-scenes tour of a famous theater, or a baking class with a pastry chef, or a meet-n-greet with professional performers or athletes, a tour of a private jet.

Adventure Clubs is always coming up with incredible ideas for Premium Adventures.

The price for each Premium Adventure is different and all of the information will be in the adventure description in the app and the amount for the Premium Adventure is to be paid directly to the Adventure Host (place of business or non-profit organization). Premium Adventures are led by our top leaders, who are hand-picked and trained by Adventure Clubs.


Why login with Facebook? Well for starters:

  • Your privacy and security are important to us.
  • We want all children to be as safe as possible.
  • Facebook adds a layer of authenticity and helps determine suspicious users.
  • We don’t post anything to Facebook.
Yes. We will only be supporting iPhone and Android.

So trade in that Windows phone or Blackberry, if you want to start adventuring.

We designed the Adventure Clubs app to be pixel perfect on iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy and similar.

So, if you are on an iPhone 4 or similar Android sized phone, then you will notice the images and overall design is a bit off. You still have all of the functions of the app, but we won’t be going back and supporting earlier phone models with the same design perfection.

If you are receiving a timeout error message on the login screen, then try a few troubleshooting options and see if this helps you get in:

  • Are running your phone’s latest operating system?
  • Are you running the latest Adventure Clubs app?
  • If you are signed into the Adventure Clubs app on another device, make sure to logout.
  • Open a web browser on your phone and sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Check your Facebook profile and ensure either male or female is selected as your gender.
  • Close your Adventure Clubs app (don’t just minimize it) then relaunch it and see if you are good! If not, open a support ticket and we’ll make sure to take care of you.

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