On Stage, Backstage: Philharmonic Orchestra

In this extra-special adventure, our group enjoys an exclusive experience as we go behind the scenes to see the philharmonic orchestra’s final dress rehearsal at the performance hall. This will be such a treat for little eyes and ears!

But before we head into the big hall, we’ll first have a pre-show experience in a practice room, where we’ll get to meet some members of a string quartet who will each demonstrate their string instruments and then play a short piece together. This close-up look and listen gives us a chance to see the individual instruments (violin, cello, bass, viola  etc.), then groups of instruments (wind, string, brass, etc.), then as a whole (the orchestra itself). Together we will marvel at the magic of this expert ensemble and their spellbinding symphony! We’ll cuddle with our little ones as we listen to the orchestra playing a short Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Mozart. Come enjoy this VIP style adventure!

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