I believe that the whole world is our classroom, and everything in it is a learning opportunity.

Janelle Schroy, Adventure Clubs Founder
Film Producer, Journalist & Advocate

Janelle Schroy is a film producer, travel journalist, conservation advocate, defender of the arts, lover of all things STEM, and a futurist. She is passionate about design thinking as the world re-imagines what education means for future generations. She is a prolific writer and speaker about these topics. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Westmont College and holds a BA in Political Science with a focus on International Development and Business.

Creative & Entrepreneur

Janelle is the Founder and President of Adventure Clubs. She is also the producer for Adventure Family Journal’s YouTube show and its associated blog. With her husband, Janelle co-founded Paradigm Shift, a non-profit working throughout Africa to alleviate poverty through micro-enterprise development.

Expert Educator

Janelle has been a passionate educator for over 20 years and has taught children at the pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school levels in both in-school, and after school programs. Her teaching has been around literacy, entrepreneurship, and performing arts, as well as history, geography, and politics. She loves inspiring children of all ages as they explore their personal interests as they grow.

She is a contributing expert on childhood education for The Barna Group and she was Business Fellow and Mentor with Praxis Labs in New York City. She was recently a speaker for the 2020 Global Homeschooling Summit on the topic of creating a worldschooling curriculum. Janelle has also presented her creative ideas multiple times at the Redemptive Imagination Summit. She has filmed a series of live interviews with experts around creative education for We Are Worldschoolers and has been an active part of that network.

Writer & Speaker

Janelle is the author of the book, Designing Childhood and the producer of the book, Resilience: Portraits of a New South Africa. She also writes a monthly column about education and travel for San Diego Mom’s Collective, and freelances articles and photography for multiple travel magazines and websites.

Wife & Mother

On the family front, Janelle is a wife to her husband, Jedd, and mother to four beautiful little girls, Reagan, Madison, Devyn and Peyton, all of whom she worldschools while traveling continuously. Her family is currently on an educational, five-year-long journey to 50 countries, and is currently in country #17 of the trip, having already explored the England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Canada, and the US They work and school as they go along, providing a priceless education for their children.

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Our kids only have one childhood. Let’s make it the most amazing, fun, exciting childhood that we can!

Janelle Schroy, Founder of Adventure Clubs