Our Passion

One of the most important things we as parents can be doing is spending quality time with our children, so we make an adventurous life easy for families with small children ages 6 months – 10 years.

With Adventure Clubs, families are invited to browse and create adventures specific to their family’s preferences.

Then they participate in child-centered adventures alongside other families. It’s education, socialization and stimulation—for the whole family.


Harvard University

The timing and quality of early experiences combine to shape brain architecture

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

Experiences during sensitive periods of development play an exceptionally important role in shaping the capacities of the brain.

Time and Quality PDF

Harvard University

In the first few years of life, 700 to 1,000 new neural connections form every second.

5 Numbers to Remember

These five numbers illustrate the importance of early childhood to the learning, behavior, and health of later life and explain why getting things right the first time is easier and more effective than trying to fix them later.

5 Numbers to Remember PDF

Adventure Clubs is the place to find (and create!) epic childhood experiences that are:

  • Experiential

    A child is made for adventure! The reason they are so wriggly and busy is because they are curious! Young children learn the most when they engage with real life through a variety of experiences, using all their senses to explore the world.

  • Social

    One of the most crucial skills a person can learn is how to relate to other people, but this doesn’t only happen in school. When a parent is with their child while they are learning to be social, they can help guide behavior, manners, language and more.

  • Educational

    To a young child, anything and everything can be educational. The Harvard research above states in the first three years of life, a child’s brain makes 700 neural connections EVERY SECOND, so the more exposure they have to a variety of people, places, sounds and smells, the stronger the foundation will be for life-long learning.

From the Founder

Adventure Clubs Founder

I have four daughters and I always try to remember—they only get ONE childhood. I can never have these years back. I want to make as many memories as I can with them, filling their hearts with my love and presence, and providing one exciting experience after another.

Through adventures, my daughters are exploring who they are, what they like and how they relate to the world around them.

Grandmothers always tell younger moms that, when they look back on their lives, if they could do one thing differently—it would be to spend more time just making memories with their children. They wish they had done less housework, taken less work trips, had less nights out on the town. They wish they had done more finger painting, more exploring of forests, more taking time to experience the world alongside their children.

To all the parents who also have small children right now… this is our moment! It’s OUR TIME to craft epic childhoods for our kids.

I wanted to make it easy for parents to do that. That’s why Adventure Clubs was created. I started it for my family. And now the rest of the world can have it too!

Our Story

We get asked all the time, “where did this come from?” If you are wondering the same thing, then read the bigger story in this four-part series:

  • The Moment

    I stood at the window, and put my head out, gasping for air, wishing I was anywhere but here—home with two children under the age of two. I was lonely. I was tired. Tired of the monotony of “the routine”. Frustrated with the lack of adult interaction and mind-stimulating conversation. Continue Reading

  • The Possibilities

    Suddenly, I could see it—like a feast of the finest food spread out before me. As if I was a queen sitting down in opulent palace and inviting my guests to sit and dine with me on the world’s richest foods. Continue Reading

  • The Adventure

    I started with a simple list of as many ideas as I could think of—about where we could go, what we could do, see, taste, touch, feel. It was messy and beautiful and, well, just—wonderful! Continue Reading

  • The Community

    I love cities. And I want my children to find that unique love for each and every city where they live. Clearly, that means they need to meet new people and experience new things. So I figured, other families probably want the same thing. So how could we do that—together? Continue Reading