Astronaut in outer space against the backdrop of the planet earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

by Janelle Schroy, Adventure Clubs Founder

The acronym STEM refers to the focused learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education is about practical application of real-world problem solving through highly integrated learning experiences. Our world depends on science, technology, engineering, and math.

STEM is everywhere: in the technology we use, the way we research, the way we tackle challenges, and the way we design for future innovation. On average, STEM jobs pay 99% MORE than other jobs. Why? Because there is a huge lack of talent in this space. There just aren’t enough people who are equipped to do the work of the future. As more and more of our lives become automated, the demand for STEM jobs will continue to rise. It’s the time to inspire kids to be excited about everything related to STEM, yes?

Two Ways to Get Kids Pumped about Science

#1 Try to make some of these Science Snacks from the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

#2 Follow NASA Kids’ Club, which is always posting engaging content for kids.

Here are two ideas to get kids interested in the latest TECHNOLOGY

#1 Get them started in design printing at a young age.

#2 Take some free classes with your kids from Today at Apple and learn how to use their latest technology.

Two Ideas to Inspire Kids to Love Engineering

#1 Take time once a week to explore the latest videos on the SpaceX YouTube channel. The technology they are developing is almost unbelievable!

#2 Encourage kids to love architecture by getting them one of these cool architecture kits for kids.

Two Ideas to Get Kids Excited About Math

#1 Get them started in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by choosing one of these fun ideas for kids.

#2 Let them pick an instrument and sign up for music classes. Math is music, music is math. It’s all integrated and kids absolutely love it.