The Inspiration Behind the Adventure Series

top view of the ballerina in the role of a white swan on blue background

The adventures you’ll find on the free Adventure Clubs app are designed in response to four points of inspiration. Adventures are real-time and led by dynamic Adventure Leaders who are Zooming live from a real workspace, such as an engineering lab or a vertical farm. We love crafting these unique adventures for your family to enjoy. Let’s learn together!”

Janelle Schroy, Adventure Clubs Founder

Point of Inspiration | Invigorate a Love for the Arts

We pull back the curtain of what’s happening in the process of creating art and give kids a glimpse into the real world of being a visual or performing artist. Children are invited to see themselves in a similar role in the future. Adventures also give kids personal access to the artists, as well as those in supporting careers such as museum curators, stage designers, art directors and more. Children like to follow the artists’ careers and sometimes stay in touch over the years. All of this also serves to promote the current artists and their work.

Point of Inspiration | Encourage an Interest in STEM 

Every parent sees their child’s eyes light up when they get to hang out in real-time with a person who is doing something the child loves. Examples of this might be creating the technology of the future, caring for endangered animals or designing skyscrapers or bridges. We bring kids right into the middle of that wonderful work so they can see what everyone actually does when they “go to work.” Kids often have the most creative ideas and contribute to the work of Adventure Leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers, inviting kids to be part current innovation.

Point of Inspiration | Inspire the Stewardship of Our World

When kids get to see a problem or a solution first-hand, they can easily become passionate about it and take up the cause to move the needle forward around the problem. Children love taking a walk in a rainforest with an Adventure Leader, or meeting endangered animals with their caregivers. They suddenly have a whole new world opened to them. Kids then have a better understanding of why it matters to save the rainforest, or the tigers, or the sea turtles. An adventure gives a child a concrete memory to draw on during their learning. 

Point of Inspiration | Stimulate a Celebration of Cultures

We design adventures to see places and people around the world as they are right now. Children can adventure to an African village in the middle of a normal day, or take a virtual walk on an Aboriginal trail in Australia, or journey through the heart of Paris at sunset. Children are taken right to the middle of real villages and cultures. This offers children a way to join in the celebration of cultures, giving them empathy and understanding of other people and places. This leads to greater understanding and celebration of diversity, creating a more inclusive and loving world.