Why Your Child Needs Adventures

Adventures are not classes. Classes involve lectures from a teacher who is established as a guide with the answers. The learners are there to learn from the teacher. Classes involve slides, assignments, sometimes grades, and always outcomes. Adventures, on the other hand, are IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES in a real-life context with another learner who is also on a journey of discovery.

Adventures are shared learnings between a two or more people who care about the same subject or idea. Adventures are about pursuing JOY, FUN, ASKING QUESTIONS, GROWING CURIOSITY, AND EXPERIENTIAL DISCOVERY.

At Adventure Clubs, your child will enter a Zoom room and be met by a fellow learner who is also passionate about the subject at hand, but just happens to be further along in their learning journey in that area. It’s more akin to apprenticeship in some ways. An apprentice is defined by Webster’s dictionary as an arrangement in which someone learns an art, trade, or job under another.

Let’s say your child loves learning about things that fly, and you sign them up for an adventure about aviation.

In that adventure, your child won’t get a slideshow presentation or an assignment to complete. Instead, they will meet several other similarly aged children and a real pilot on a real tarmac who flies planes every day. The pilot might take the children along as she replicates safety checks that pilots do on a jumbo plane before it takes off, showing up close where the engines are and the various things that need to be checked around the plane. She might take them to the cockpit where your child will see the various instruments and logs, and learn what’s automated and what’s manual. The children will be able to ask questions about what they are experiencing and learn from the pilot in this real-time learning environment.

As an eight-year-old, this scenario is unlikely to ever happen in person, due to safety and unions and many more constraints. But due to live technology, we are able to bring kids right into the heart of the real-life learning situation.

THIS is an adventure.

Adventures are meant to be shared. They are an invitation into another world, the gift of personal experience.

Janelle Schroy, Adventure Clubs Founder


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