Exploring the Arts

25370361 - venetian mask by the river bridge with sunset

In this adventure series, kids are invited to join performing artists such as opera singers, orchestra members, actors, magicians, ballerinas, comedians, and the like, as they take them backstage to see the life of a professional performer or artist and all about their craft. Kids might never be allowed into those spaces otherwise, so this may be their one chance to do so–until they become the performer themselves one day in the future. 

Have a look at some of the exciting monthly adventures you might find on the Adventure Clubs app.

  • Tour behind the scenes at an opera house with an opera singer
  • Hang out with a professional ballerina for her morning warm ups and choreography session
  • Explore a creative journey with an artist at her fine arts studio
  • Experience an explanation of the tools a process a pro photographer uses for his photoshoots
  • Come along with a museum curator as they make decisions about an art gallery exhibit