Your Location

Bring Adventure Clubs to your location. We’re looking for the ideal candidate who not just loves the idea of Adventure Clubs, but would also join in coming and leading different adventures around the city!

How to Get Started

The app is designed to be an organizing tool for young families in location we don’t have a team present in. You can download the Adventure Clubs App and use the create button to create and publish you own adventure and invite your friends. The other way to launch is by expressing interest in being the Area Director for your location.

Here’s some intro questions to see if that resonates: Do you have a passion for early childhood development? What about families? Do you love apps and social media? Are you interested in solving a huge social problem through an innovative company focused on deepening parent-child relationships through shared memory making? Come be part of human-centered, experience design team focused on supporting young families!

What Does a Location Need?

We first need an Area Director. This person spearheads Adventure Clubs in a location and brings together hosts, leaders and adventures. Once an Area Director works their magic, a new club is born!

Next Step

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to learn more about the Area Director role. Email Shelley Wallace:

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