Witness To Life

Together your hands paint the plant holder, turn the soil, carefully press the seedlings in. You work all week to provide for your daughter, but there is nothing more important to you than making memories together.

You’ve had a hard week at work, but today … it’s finally Saturday. You jumped out of bed, made pancakes with her and headed off on an adventure together. Now, here you are, planting seedlings to celebrate the turning of the season: and your daughter knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is the apple of your eye.

I see you.

I see that smile on your son’s face because of that dinosaur-shaped sandwich you made for him. I imagine that you probably hunted for that cookie cutter for weeks just so you could see the delight on his face and share a secret “I love you” when he pulls out his snack in the middle of your forest adventure.

I see you.

You inspire me. Do you know that?

Each day, when I take my daughters on an adventure, I get to share both life and learning with an incredible community of parents who delight in intentionally making memories with their children. This memory-making time is not an afterthought. It is the PURPOSE of this season.

Each day dawns pregnant with the possibilities of shared memories with our kids. But not alone. No. Life was meant to be shared.

We adventuring families leave the house confident in our choice to push the housework aside and go make memories. The breakfast table can be cleaned up later. The grubby boots from yesterday’s mud puddle jumping can wait. The sandy towels from last night’s sunset beach walk can be washed once the kids are in bed.

Because when our little ones are awake — it’s time for adventure!

As we experience life together with our kids, we witness each other’s parenthood — this messy, beautiful season when we have young children. No dad should go unseen. No mom should mother in solitude.

Life was made to be shared, to be celebrated, to be SEEN.

When we adventure together often, we get to know each other. We feel the ups and downs of each other’s pregnancies; the loss of children never born; the birth of babies gracing the earth with their presence; our own parents aging; the loss of our grandparents; the fickleness of finances. We feel it with each other, celebrating the joys of life and sharing in the sorrows too.

We don’t mind the half-finished conversations (and oh, how many of those there are!) as we pour into our kids during Monday’s meanderings while we paint in the forest. The Tuesday spent tackling the urban obstacle course. The Wednesday wonder of gazing through morning clouds from high on a Ferris Wheel. The Thursday thrill of baking with our babies. The Friday fun of a sing-a-long boat cruise.

What a travesty it would be to live these crazy fun years at home by ourselves, or out and about, but alone, with no one to see the 1000th time we wipe those tears, or the 300th time we tell our child to go down the slide the safe way, or the first time we get to see our toddler’s face light up when she holds her first baby chick.

Amidst all this fun and memory making … I see you. I hope you see me too. Parenthood is just too good to go unseen — for any of us.

Thanks for being a witness to my life. I’m glad you’re here.

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