What People Do: Paleontologist

In the eyes of a child, dinosaurs are big, fierce and utterly amazing — so it’s little wonder that toddlers who are still learning to speak have no problem saying ‘Tyrannosaurus-Rex’, ‘Brachiosaurus’ or ‘Pterodactyl’! Whether or not your little adventurer has fallen in love with dinosaurs yet, they won’t want to miss this adventure.

Join us for an amazing experience where families will get to spend time with a real paleontologist, whose job is to dig for dinosaur fossils! They’ll even get to join him in digging and hunting for hidden fossils on a mock dig site, set up just for them. Our paleontologist friend will share with us all about the fascinating work paleontologists do, before taking us to the fossil preparation workshop to see what his team is currently working on. Of course, we’ll also will hear all about different dinosaurs — including those that once lived right here — before being treated to a guided tour of the full-sized dinosaur exhibit on display in the museum and a behind-the scenes peek at the team of paleontologists working on fossil digging under their microscopes. Let’s dig in!

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