Meet Toni | Social Media Director

Toni De Beer started her design career working for a large IT company as their web designer, which is also where she met her husband, Matthew.

She later moved into another IT company where she was designing and building websites for them before becoming employed by a French company, where she headed up their design work and team of designers.

Toni then worked at a mobile marketing company building mobile sites for them for a short stint before working at a big online retail company doing promotional design work and user interface design. At that time, Toni became a mom to Kyle and Lia and switched over to being a Senior UX Designer for an online dating company. Now at Adventure Clubs, Toni works as our Social Media Director. On the side, she also runs her own eBay shop.

Toni’s dad only wanted boys, and instead he got three girls, hence her more boyish name. Toni loves fast cars, gadgets and all things new tech. She says, “That’s what comes from being raised as a tomboy!”

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