Meet Jedd | Co-Founder & CEO

Jedd Schroy is the father of four girls and married to Janelle, his best friend and Co-Founder.

Having grown up in a family of seven children, Jedd loves kids and fun family experiences. He is a charismatic leader and successful entrepreneur with degrees Political Science, International Relations, and Business.

He has a career background in finance, management and marketing and he is a lover of technology. At Adventure Clubs, Jedd oversees the business strategy, partnerships and technology development for Adventure Clubs. Previously, Jedd co-founded Paradigm Shift and was the Executive Director there, where he built teams, developed teams and spent a decade serving microentrepreneurs in their journey to rise above poverty.

Jedd is fueled by both coffee and big ideas and, after having lived in Cape Town four four years, he is convinced that life is too short to drink bad wine.

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