Meet Chadd | Head of Adventure Clubs Shop

Chadd Schroy grew up being extremely entrepreneurial and always had a mind geared towards business.

He started his first started in business as a six year old, buying and selling toys online. He went on to study business management in university before co-founding an e-commerce medical supplies company called JDCSupplies that reached millions in sales each year.

As the co-founder of JDCSupplies, he was tasked with creating a brand from scratch and launching a company into a highly competitive market. Within this startup, he was able to direct every part of the e-commerce process from logistics to establishing the marketing budget and everything in between. He has since consulted for several companies to help them create and launch new campaign ideas, optimize SEO, create competitive advantages and improve marketing concepts.

At Adventure Clubs, Chadd oversees our retail line of Adventure Clubs Shop, which is sold exclusively to adventuring families through the website.

He and his wife Cassie are lovers of Dunkin’ Donuts, and were featured in a special video created by the website Little Things. Their video went viral within a week and made them a hit internet sensation.

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