Love Spending Time Together

You want it all for your kids: curiosity, grit, stamina, culture, creativity, strength, emotional intelligence, and the list goes on.

We CAN offer that all to them as parents, but it takes intentionality, and it doesn’t all happen in school. We are the lucky ones who get to hang out with our awesome young people and introduce them to all the world has to offer, and as we do that, we get to shape their character and skills along the way.

Adventure Clubs makes it easy and fun for your family to discover new experiences to share together! We work with hosts—to co-design fun, on-location, hands-on adventures created for parents and children to enjoy together in small groups of about 10 families each.

You can visit our Who Adventures page to learn what Adventure Clubs could mean for your family. Mom, dad – we believe in you and support you in your journey of being an amazing parent to your awesome kids!

Adventure Clubs is a family experience design company that offers a gift to you as a parent. We make it easy for you to enjoy beautiful moments with your children in a way that’s social, affordable, flexible, and fun. Download the app for iPhone or Android and start adventuring! Adventure Clubs © Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.