Homeschooling Moms

I see that field journal in your child’s bag, filled with all the learning you are pulling out for her out of daily experiences. I see the delight in her eyes at having another shared moment with you while circling back to something you’ve worked on with her in the past. It’s like you have a secret language with her when the lightbulb goes on (again). I can tell – her education at home is 100% top-notch. What a lucky little girl to have a mom like you.
I see you. And you are inspiring!

Adventure Clubs is for you. Each day, when we take our children on adventures, we get to share both life and learning with moms like you – mothers who are at home for a homeschooling for a season, or forever. You are a mother who delights in intentionally making memories with your children and sharing life-long learning.

Our job at Adventure Clubs is to make it easy for you to spend time doing unique things with your kids.

Maybe the experience we provide is connected to the education you are providing, or maybe it’s just for fun. It’s difficult enough to be at home all day without other adults around, teaching your little ones to tell time (again), and how to multiply (again), and what each of the shapes are (again).

We want you to know – we have your back. While you are focused on the educational path for your child, we are crafting exciting experiences for you and your family, so you don’t have to think about that too, you can just let us do the work, and come join the adventure!

We can’t wait to meet you. Join Us!
Adventure Clubs is a family experience design company that offers a gift to you as a parent. We make it easy for you to enjoy beautiful moments with your children in a way that’s social, affordable, flexible, and fun. Download the app for iPhone or Android and start adventuring! Adventure Clubs © Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.