Explore Johannesburg: Melrose Arch

On this Explore My City Adventure, we will get curious with our kids as we find delightful experiences exploring a local hot-spot. Join us at Melrose Arch, where a seasoned guide who loves little people will lead us (at the kids’ pace!) through the various stops on our adventure.

This will be an adventure of the senses: join us to hear, taste, smell and touch to make memories. Let’s activate our ears at our first stop: the rum, tum, tum Drum Café!

Our next stop will be terrific on our taste buds, as well as honing our sense of smell and touch. Moyo, the renowned African cultural restaurant will welcome us with a very interesting tasting platter, face painting and an exclusive hand washing ritual.

Next, it’s off to the Melrose Gallery, where artistic little eyes will be tasked with a color search. Using a color chart, kids will explore the gallery in search of the “rainbow” colors in 7 pieces of art at the Gallery.

Finally, we will end our adventure with our own creative expressions, experimenting with color and texture. There is wonder and magic in the world when you see it through the eyes of your child: join this adventure with a group of families and find it!

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