Explore Cape Town: Bree Street

Families on this adventure are invited to be immersed in interactive art! Kids receive a Treasure Hunt Card before being led through the ultra modern gallery space where they interacting with various artworks as they hear from the gallery curator what each art piece is made of before they go hunting for the same kinds of materials hidden in secret places around the gallery.

Little adventurers will be looking for items like metal, wood and foil, which they will use later to make their own artistic multi-media creations. These materials are tactile clues that will help them remember each piece of art they have seen as well. Once kids and parents have collected all their treasures, they head to the studio where the group is guided through an artistic project. This is the perfect opportunity for little ones to free their imaginations, get creative and transform collected materials into entirely new works of art, reminiscent of what they have seen and experienced. Finders keepers — come join this ARTventure!

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