Durban is the third Adventure Clubs city, where a passionate mom who was living in Durban reached out to Adventure Clubs and asked to bring it to Durbs. It is a wonderful, inclusive group of adventuring families and they have wonderful experiences adventuring around the city together! Adventure Clubs Durban was started in late 2016.

Frequency of Adventures

We seek to provide between at least five adventures each week including weekends, so that there is something for everyone. We love having all kinds of caregivers bring their kids on adventures: moms, dads, grandparents, au pairs, nannies, aunties, uncles and more!

Top Favorite Hosts

We have nearly 60 hosts across Durban, but here are some of our most popular hosts:

Artbeat Studios
Loret’s Kitchen
Little Kickers
Party Playdough
Yogi Bears
Shark’s Board
Jump 4 Joy Trampoline Park
Isle of Capri Cruises
Build-a-Bear Workshop
Le Cemosa


Adventure Clubs Durban is led by an Area Director named Shelley Wallace. Contact Shelley by email about anything and everything related to Adventure Clubs Cape Town (questions, media interviews, becoming a host, testimonials, anything!). We’d love to hear from you.

Shelley Wallace:

Additionally, we have a group of Adventure Clubs leaders who are moms trained by our team to co-host adventures together with our host companies. Have a look at who they are by clicking on their names and linking to their Facebook Pages. At every adventure, you’ll be greeted by one of our lovely leaders who will guide you and your family through the adventures. We love our leaders!


Interested in Becoming a Leader?

Interested in becoming a Adventure Clubs leader too? This is not a job, but it is something you do with your kids! Super fun benefits for becoming a leader. Email us and let us know so we can get you started with this amazing team! Email:

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