Au Pairs / Nannies / Caregivers

I see that hug you just gave the little one you care forthat deep, emotional hug that said everything about how you view the importance of the role you play in his life. You treasure this child, and you believe in your ability to be a positive shaping influence on him.

I see you. And you are awesome! 

Adventure Clubs is for you. Each day, when we take our children on adventures, we get to share both life and learning with parents, and also with caregivers like you – au pairs, nannies, aunts, uncles and friends who spend time with children they love. You are a fabulous caregiver who delights in intentionally making memories with these children. This adventuring time is not an afterthought. It is important, and fun!

Our job at Adventure Clubs is to make it easy for you to spend time doing unique things with kids.

It’s hard enough to fill the hours with a child for a long period of time, and we want you to know – we have your back. While you are giving that little baby a bath (again) and rocking him to sleep (again), and cleaning up (again), we are creating exciting experiences for you and that little one you care for, so you can just come join the adventure whenever you’d like to!

We are thrilled to meet you. Join Us!
Adventure Clubs is a family experience design company that offers a gift to you as a parent. We make it easy for you to enjoy beautiful moments with your children in a way that’s social, affordable, flexible, and fun. Download the app for iPhone or Android and start adventuring! Adventure Clubs © Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.