A Host Story

It’s 4 am, and while the world is asleep, our hard work is done. Many questions and thoughts circle our minds as 80 baguettes go into the oven. Was the dough at its peak? Were they slashed correctly?

As the hot air and caramelised aroma from the oven steams over our faces, a few minutes later, our questions are answered. We are content. The baguettes have generously sprung from the heat and doubled in size, causing the carefully placed slashes in the bread to burst open. Pure delight.

Soon the racks are full with crackling loaves. The bread is now singing. We often stand and marvel at all the types and shapes of breads stacked and ready for selling and realise that they are more than a food source, they are a metaphor for abundance, good health and an honest day’s work.

Later in the afternoon, when our cafe is quietly humming in it’s post-lunch state of calm, we smile as we see Adventure Clubs families alighting from their cars outside, little ones filled with glee holding their mother’s hands as they skip their way into our cafe. A pastry chef greets them each with a high five, many of them by name. 15 children and their mothers or fathers settle around our rustic French tables, ready to learn about our art and passion.

 Our cafe fills with joy as flour flies and croissants are rolled, boxes are decorated, cupcakes are baked. After an hour, children go home with hearts singing and boxes of baked goods warm and full. They have experienced community here, they have learned baking here, they have felt love. Here. At our cafe.

We do what we do at Vovo Telo for the love of creating something special from scratch. And we host Adventure Clubs for the love of our community, for the next generation of bakers, and for the families who will look back on these days with their little ones and remember that we were part of their story.

– Vovo Telo Bakery & Cafe: Our Adventure Clubs Story By Diana Clunas, Managing Director, Steenberg Branch

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